What’s the new Apple Watch Taptic Time feature in WatchOS

April 30, 2021

Apple Watch Taptic Time feature makes the timekeeping exercise relatively easier. It’s a part of the Sounds & Haptics settings that lets users keep a track of the time without looking at the clock. Follow along to know what is Taptic Time feature in Apple Watch and how to use it.

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What is Apple Watch Taptic Time feature in WatchOS?

Apple Watch Taptic Time is a distinctive feature in WatchOS. It enables haptic feedback that tells time by rendering quick vibrations on your wrist. The vibrations are generated through a custom vibrator called a Taptic engine, built into the Apple Watch dial. Thus, you can keep track of the time while multitasking without glancing at your wrist every now and then.


How to enable Apple Watch Taptic time in WatchOS 6 and later versions?

Once you manage to enable Taptic Time, a varied length of haptic cranes will notify you about the current time rather than the VoiceOver announcement.

  1. Go to Apple Watch Settings.
  2. Choose Clock entry.
  3. Scroll Down to the Taptic Time feature.
  4. Toggle the slider to enable the feature.
  5. Choose a code.

Please Note: you’ll must be running WatchOS 6 or later to use the Taptic Chimes feature.

When you put the watch in Taptic Time mode, it taps out the time on your wrist with a series of distinct taps. To begin, go to the watch’s Settings.

Apple Watch Taptic Time Settings
Apple Watch Taptic Time Settings

Select the Clock entry under Settings.

Scroll down to find the entry for Taptic Time.

Tap the entry and move the slider from Off position to On.


Once Taptic Time is activated, you’ll need to choose a Taptic Style for the distinct haptic feedback you want to receive. By default, the options offered include,

  • Digit – in this mode, the Smartwatch will long tap for every 10 hours and short tap for each following hour. Thereafter, it will long tap for every 10 minutes and a short tap for each following minute.
  • Terse – When you select this code, the watch will long tap for every 5 hours, then short tap for the remaining hours. It will also long tap for each quarter of an hour.
  • Morse Code – Your Apple Watch will tap each digit of the time.

That’s how you can enable and use Apple Watch Taptic Time feature in WatchOS 6 and later.

Taptic Time Apple Watch not working?

Apple Watch Speak Time
Apple Watch Speak Time

Taptic Time is not available when Speak Time feature is configured to Always Speak mode. So, to allow your watch to enable the haptic version of the time you’ll need to uncheck the Always Speak option under Speak Time setting.

Hope that makes sense!


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