What’s Apple Watch Power Reserve mode and its significance

April 29, 2021

Unlike portable Power banks that shield your iPhone against battery drain and offer fast charge support, Apple Watch has limited options. However, it has a good battery life and can last at least a day on a full charge. You can get extra hours of usage by enabling the Apple Watch Power Reserve mode. Follow along to find what’s so significant about this feature and how to enable it.

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Apple Watch Power Reserve mode significance

Apple Watch has a special battery stretch feature called Power Reserve that lets it switch quickly to a low energy mode by disabling communications and preventing access to other features. While your Apple Watch Power Reserve mode is active, you can only use it to display time by pressing the side button. The time displays for six seconds and then goes off. That way you manage to get a few extra hours of usage between charges.


How to enable Apple Watch Power Reserve mode?

  1. Unlock your watch by entering the passcode.
  2. Choose Settings icon.
  3. Go to Battery.
  4. Move to Battery Health.
  5. Under it, enable the Power Reserve option.

How to turn on Power Reserve on Apple Watch?

Press the Digital Crown on Apple Watch.

When prompted, enter the passcode to unlock the screen.

Next, tap the Settings icon.

Battery Settings
Battery Settings

When the Settings menu opens, scroll down to Battery option.

Tap the option to go to Battery Health section. Under it you should find the Power Reserve option.

Apple Watch Power Reserve Toggle
Apple Watch Power Reserve Toggle

Slide the Power Reserve toggle to the On position to enable it.

Apple Watch Boot Loop
Apple Watch Boot Loop

Once enabled, the screen should go blank completely. Upon pressing the Digital Crown again, it should display the time in HH: MM format of hours and minutes for a brief period only (6 seconds).

How to turn off Power saving mode on Apple Watch?

Turning off the Power Reserve returns Apple Watch to the normal mode but to do so, you’ll need to reboot the watch. Press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo. Then, wait for few seconds to let it boot into normal mode. Please note, when you are unable to boot your Apple Watch, connect it to the charger and then attempt again because failing to boot indicates the smartwatch’s battery doesn’t have enough power to complete the operation.

Hope that makes sense!


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