What do different Status icons on iPhone mean

July 7, 2020

If you recently upgraded to iOS 14, you must have observed different variations of colors and blink patterns appearing on your iPhone screen. Known as status icons and symbols, these designs signify something important. Read on to find what do the icons mean on iPhone and what role do these new status icons on iPhone have to play.

Icons on iPhone

Status icons on iPhone meaning

Following the rollout of iOS 14, if you started wondering what the icons on the iPhone screen mean or what role do these new status icons on the iPhone play, read this article till the very end. We have an answer!

Orange Dot
Orange Dot

What does the orange dot mean on iOS 14?

Firstly, the orange dot or the green dot on iPhone camera you notice near the status bar is the Recording indicator. It is a new privacy-centered feature included in iOS 14 or later. When an orange circle flashes near the Status Bar area, it indicates that an application is running on your phone or in the background and using the microphone. The same also shows up when you are using apps like Siri or WhatsApp to transcribe your speech to text.

Having said that, if the orange dot iPhone appears even when all the apps are closed or not in use, it means an app is violating privacy norms. In such a case, you may follow the desired course of action and uninstall the app, if necessary.  

Why is there a green light on my iPhone camera?

Green Dot
Green Dot

As against the orange bubble, the green dot on top of the iPhone is seen when an app is using the camera. Having camera access also implies access to the microphone. So, you don’t see an orange dot separately for this reason. It’s clearly visible when a user is using FaceTime to call someone or connect with family and friends.

If the green dot is visible even when there’s no camera app opened, it means an application is invading your privacy.

Just like iPhone, you can see similar status icons and symbols on your iPad.

What are the symbols on iPhone screen?

Status Icons
Status Icons

If you are not aware of what do other symbols (in the image above) mean, read the description below! All the colors you see in the status bar signify something important. For example,

  • Blue color- It means your iPhone is in use either for creating a Personal Hotspot or support Screen Mirroring. It also means that some other app is actively using your location.
  • Green color - You're currently speaking to someone.
  • Red color- Your iPhone is either recording sound or your screen.

In recent models of iPhone such as iPhone X and later, the color shows as a bubble behind the time. On iPhone 8 or earlier, the color goes across the status bar.

Hope that helps!

Image Source - iOS Preview


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