Google Threadit tool enables easy video communication?

March 22, 2021

Setting up a live virtual meeting and hosting it for small discussion can be a task for a technophobic person. Google intends to make this chore a lot less burdensome and help remote teams work better via Threadit tool. It lets users connect with their team instantly and share their work through short video recordings. Let’s learn how to use the Google Threadit tool for video communication.

Google Threadit Tool

What is Google Threadit tool and how to use it?

An extended virtual meeting with lengthy text exchanges can be a time-consuming process. Threadit pledges to make it as brief as possible. It helps you summarize lengthy information quickly through short video clips and share it with others via links. You can record yourself and anything on your screen by speaking straight to the camera. The recipients can respond to a clip by adding their own video, making the entire exercise a part of a single conversation. For now, Google Threadit tool is available as both, a standalone website and a Threadit Chrome extension.


How to use the Google Threadit tool

  1. Visit the page or choose the Chrome extension.
  2. Hit the Try Threadit button.
  3. Sign in with your Microsoft or Google account.
  4. Choose the desired template.
  5. Create a Threadit by recording your video and audio.
  6. Upload your video.
  7. Share your video via the link or entering the email address of individuals, manually.

Let’s cover the above steps in a bit more detail!

Access Threadit directly from your browser by clicking the or select the Chrome extension. You can also access it through your Gmail account. There’s no need to download any software.

Signin with your Google account. Alternatively, you can login via your Microsoft account.

Start creating a Threadit by entering the name for your Threadit under Untitled Threadit heading.

Threadit template
Threadit template

Next, choose a desired template setting. By default, the options available are,

  • Standard
  • Project Update
  • Onboarding and Training
  • Leadership Updates
  • Pitch
  • Product Demo
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tutorial
  • Design-view
  • Research read-out
  • Code Review
  • QA and debugging.
  • Meeting Recap
  • Catchup
  • Happy Birthday
  • Congratulations
  • Farewell
Threadit Record Button
Threadit Record Button

Now, hit the Record button (red circle) to start the recording. Note. Allow access to your Microphone and Camera by clicking the Edit Device Settings icon (visible as the Gear-shaped icon). Then, check the microphone, camera options as shown in the image above.

Share Screen
Share Screen

Similarly, if you would like to share the contents of your screen with others, Threadit offers a dedicated button for it. Just choose what would you like to share.

  • Entire Screen
  • Application window
  • Chrome Tab

When done, hit the Recording button to stop the recording.

Thereafter, press the Finish Video button.

Video Attachment
Video Attachment

If you have any additional attachments to add, load them, hit Save button and then, choose the Publish button.

Uploading in Process
Uploading in Process

Your message will be uploaded and share in the thread. Here, you can also copy-paste the link and share it with others by entering their email address, manually. All the responses will show up as one conversation.

Hope that makes sense!

Source - Google.


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