If you are planning to switch to a new iPad, transferring your cellular data plan from an old iPad to the latest one can be a painless exercise. Apple makes it easier than ever to swap the SIM cards but there are a couple caveats, you need to know first.

Your wireless carrier should have specific directions for transferring the data plan you’ve been using on your old tablet to a new model. Once checked, you may be able to transfer your existing data plan to a new iPad by accessing Cellular settings and using the account-transfer option.

Migrate your old iPad cellular data plan to new iPad

There are 2 ways of going about.

  1. Migrating data plan from one iPad to another via SIM card
  2. Transfer data plan between old iPad and new iPad via Apple SIM

Let’s see the steps in a bit detail!

1] Migrating data plan from one iPad to another via SIM card

Before beginning with the process, switch off both iPads.

SIM Tray

Open the SIM tray on your old iPad, using the SIM removal tool (hairpin like structure) shipped with your iPad.

Remove the SIM tray from your iPad. Gently pull out the SIM card from the SIM tray.

Repeat the above procedure for the new iPad. After removing the SIM discard the SIM card that may have come with your new iPad.

Place the old SIM card from your previous iPad into the SIM tray of your new iPad.

Insert the SIM tray back into your new iPad by positioning it correctly. Take care to completely close the tray.

Now, switch ‘On’ both iPads and wait for the activation process to complete. It may take a few minutes.

If the SIM cards of the old iPad and the new iPad vary in size, you’ll need to contact your carrier to get a new nano-SIM to put into your new iPad. Thereafter, you can follow the steps as described above, including removing the SIM from your old iPad.

2] Transfer data plan between old iPad and new iPad via Apple SIM

Open Settings on your new cellular iPad.

Go to ‘Cellular Data’.

Tap on the carrier you used with your old iPad.

Tap ‘Transfer Service’ in the window that pops up.

iPad Settings

Follow your carrier’s onscreen instructions to finalize the transfer of the data plan. You will need to enter the cellular data number for the old device. So, go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘General‘ > ‘About‘.

Transfer Service

Here, you should see a 10 -digit number. Enter the number.

Once done, wait for few minutes as it may take a little long for your iPad’s cellular data plan to transfer, but when it does, you’ll be good to go and start using cellular data on your iPad.