Trick to convert your Smartphone into Fire Stick remote for amazon TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick has ushered in a new era of home entertainment streaming technologies. It is easy to setup and you can just plug it in to your HDTV to start enjoying your favorite titles. However, if your living room is strewn with soiled clothes and pizza boxes, finding the remote to get started can be a task. Not anymore! Remote for Fire Stick TV App readily converts your Smartphone into Firestick remote for amazon TV...  Continue Reading

How to customize Spotlight Search feature in iPhone and iPad

The Spotlight search offers the easiest and the most convenient way to find apps or programs on Apple devices. Using its suggestions, you can get latest updates on news, sports, weather, and more. Also, the same feature could be used for another reason – removing unwanted clutter. Yes, you can trim down undesirable elements by customizing Spotlight search. Here’s how to do it! ...  Continue Reading