How to use force quit on Mac for unresponsive apps or processes

Macbook Pro Models

Some users don’t mind living with frequent app slowdowns, others step up and take an action right away. Over time, browsers like Google Chrome or other applications hog your Mac’s processing power and slow it down to a crawl, leading to a sluggish performance. If you don’t want to be bothered by such instances, see how to use force quit on Mac for unresponsive apps and processes. ...  Continue Reading

All new 13-inch MacBook Pro- The high-performance rendering macOS workhorse

Almost 2 weeks earlier, Apple unveiled the most recent iteration of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. And we are happy to see that the Cupertino-giant has made some very modest revisions in the existing 13-inch MacBook Pro designs. The redesigned MacBook sports a sleek aluminum unibody design with a stunning Retina display. And in addition to the Touch Bar with dynamic and contextual controls, the machine comes packed with some high performance and very advanced technologies. ...  Continue Reading

What’s Switch Control on Mac? How to enable and customize it?

Physical disability is no more a barrier. The advancement and innovations in assistive technology is helping millions worldwide to unlock their potential. More and more companies are coming forward and designing products with accessibility at its core. Apple is no stranger to this scheme and is working hard to keep up with the joneses! It’s endeavored to empower every disabled person with powerful accessibility features. Switch Control, an assistive technology, helps people enter text, move your pointer, select items, and do a lot more—all by clicking a switch. In today’s post we’ll learn how to enable Switch Control on Mac and customize it to one’s preferences! ...  Continue Reading