How to find song by humming to Google app

Google Hum to Search

Wondering, how do you find a song if you forgot the name? Well, Google’s there to help you out! The search giant has rolled out a new feature – Hum to search that can identify songs for you. So, if you are a loud and proud kid of Justin Bieber’s generation, you don’t need to remember the lyrics to listen to your favorite song. Simply, hum, whistle, or sing a melody to Google and let it do the job for you. Here’s how to find song by humming to Google. ...  Continue Reading

How to remove Voice Recordings in Google Assistant

Remove Voice Recordings in Google Assistant

Although many users rely on smart speakers and their voice-recording apps to get work done, there’s always an apprehension that someone might be listening. Sometimes, someone does! Bigwigs like Amazon and Google capture snippets of conversations that their smart speakers secretly record and upload to the cloud. The companies claim, it helps in improving customer experience, but the truth can be rather worrying if not shocking! Thankfully, there’s a way to clear or remove Voice Recordings in Google Assistant...  Continue Reading

Start Google Meet cast video conference to TV

Google Meet Cast Video

Until now, we only had options to video chat via a Smartphone or a PC screen. Google is expanding these menus of options furthermore by adding TV screens to the mix. The tech-giant will now allow ‘Google Meet’ users to cast their meeting to an Android TV or other Google Cast-connected device. See, how to get started and enable Google Meet cast video conference to the TV screen function. ...  Continue Reading