How to leave a group on Facebook permanently

There are only a few Facebook groups where you really connect and engage with its members. In other groups, you may do little to no activity. Why? Since your friends may have unknowingly added you to a group that they themselves are a member of. While you can’t stop them from adding, you can certainly remove yourself from the group. Here’s how to leave a group on Facebook permanently...  Continue Reading

How to spend less time on Instagram

check activity on instagram

Mental health experts suggest, if the time spent on Social networking sites is intentional then, it should be positive and inspiring in some sense. However, a large majority of users mostly keep scrolling through their posts and images aimlessly just to kill the boredom. If continued over long periods of time, this behavior can be unhealthy. So, taking deliberate steps to keep this in check can not only improve your health but overall productivity as well. Read to find how to spend less time on Instagram and focus attention on other important tasks. ...  Continue Reading

How to quickly transfer photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos


Interoperability between apps enables easy access and exchange of data, regardless of its origin. This helps in developing an information infrastructure with interconnected systems. One such capability lets Internet users easily transfer or migrate their photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos. So, let’s see how to transfer photos or videos from Facebook to Google Photos...  Continue Reading

How to switch on Require Face ID for Facebook Messenger app


Like many other apps, the Facebook Messenger app is now equipped with settings that allow users to hide their messages from others. The app has introduced 2 new privacy controls – Face ID and Touch ID authentication that help you maintain privacy. Take a tour to see how to enablethe ‘Require Face ID’ in Facebook Messenger app to stop snooping pals from checking on your messages. ...  Continue Reading