How to complete the action to recall an email in Outlook 365 app

Microsoft Outlook 365 App

The decisions we take should be tempered by logic and reason rather than impulse. But even after knowing this, we sometimes send strongly worded emails to our colleagues we should have never written in the first place. Fortunately, Microsoft email client – Outlook has a built-in solution for situations like this: The option to recall email in Outlook. Read along to know howto recall an email in Outlook. ...  Continue Reading

Best 5 apps to help you fight anxiety and depression in 2020

apps to fight anxiety & depression

Anxiety and depression disorders are the most common mental illness, affecting millions of adults today. The rising health care costs and struggle to pay them, when needed, make the situation more worrisome. Fortunately, there are scores of apps that offer Drug-Free Ways to battle anxiety and depression. We have listed 5 best apps to help you fight anxiety and depression. The best part is, these apps have no interest in judging you but provide all the help needed to improve your mental health—on your terms. ...  Continue Reading

How to access and use Snapchat ‘Here For You’ feature to cope with mental health issues

Fighting depression or loneliness alone is not easy. Even dim and distant support from someone unknown can go a long way in restoring your mental health & balance. In response to this belief, the social media platform – Snapchat rolled out ‘Here for you’ feature. It intends to raise awareness and prioritize the health and safety of its community members. Let’s find out what’s so special about it and how to access Snapchat ‘Here For You’ feature. ...  Continue Reading

How to delete your Instagram Search History from iPhone 11

Like Google, Instagram algorithm works its magic all day. So, whatever you post or browse on its platform, stays there until deleted. In some cases, this record can come in handy. At other times, you may find it appropriate to clear the history, especially when it poses some risk to your privacy. Here’s what you can do to delete your Instagram Search History and save yourself from the last moment embarrassment! ...  Continue Reading