How to enlarge the Book Font and adjust background Color, or Margins for Kindle E-Reader

With Kindle E-reader, you can create a more personalized reading experience by customizing the device’s settings. You can also change how things appear on a page by enlarging the book font, adjusting background Color, or fixing margin length. But, if you can’t figure out how to get started, we’ll help you with the process. See, how to enlarge the Book Font and adjust the background color, margins for Kindle E-Reader...  Continue Reading

How to delete or remove voice history from an Amazon account


It is absolutely necessary and vital to understand the risks associated with using voice recognition software. Voice data residing under your Google Home and Alexa devices can be hacked and manipulated. As such, users must take all essential precautions to prevent abuse of their smart devices. Removing your voice history first can be a right approach in this direction. Here’s a tutorial describing you how to delete or remove voice history from an Amazon account...  Continue Reading

How to choose the best Kindle cloud reader for your personal use

Online Readers

To cope up with the lockdown fatigue, people are building new hobbies, ranging from making Dalgona coffee to terrace gardening. But in my honest opinion, the best way to kill boredom is to read a book. eReaders have made the reading exercise a lot simpler. If you have discovered your preferred genre lately, this is the right time to pick up a Kindle Cloud Reader for yourself. This article helps you to compare the different Kindle online reader models and choose the one that suits you best. ...  Continue Reading

How to delete books from kindle permanently

The Kindle reader has become one of the most popular choices for eBook reading. The simplicity of the product is its unique selling point. It lets you read your favorite books, without suffering the drawbacks, associated with using a tablet or smartphone. Having said that, removing books, you no longer require for reading is one of the ways to ensure a clean and uncluttered digital library. So, let’s see how to remove or delete books from Kindle permanently. ...  Continue Reading