Steps to add user to Apple TV for family sharing

June 21, 2021

Amongst all households which use internet, sharing tends to be common phenomenon. It is for this reason, Apple has a bracket for multiple users you can add to its streaming set-top box. This way, everyone can take charge and enjoy their content (shows, apps or games) Learn how you can add user to Apple TV.

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How to add user to Apple TV?

You don’t have to worry about which Apple ID you should use to link to your system because Apple TV supports multiple user accounts. That’s not all, each of the users added to the device, gets recommendations based on their content usage or consumption like rented movies, games in Apple Arcade, or Up Next list in Apple Music. Do the following to add user to Apple TV.

  1. Turn on the Apple TV.
  2. Go to the main menu screen.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Select Users and Accounts tab.
  5. Under the Users section, choose Add New User.
  6. Hit Enter New tile.
  7. Enter the Apple ID.
  8. To switch between user accounts, bring up Control Center.
  9. Select the desired user account.

Anyone who has created an Apple ID can connect his/her account with Apple TV, provided the owner has no objections to it.

How do I add family members to Apple TV Plus?

To add user to Apple TV Plus, turn on your Apple TV first.

Then, go to the Apple TV Home Screen. It provides an easy access to most apps and settings of the streaming set-top box.

Users and Accounts
Users and Accounts

Here, select the Settings tile and switch to the Users and Accounts ta. This tab allows you to define and manage any accounts you have available on your Apple TV.

Add New User
Add New User

When User and Accounts screen shows up, choose Add New User option, visible under USERS section.

Enter New Option
Enter New Option

Hit the Enter New tab.

Press Continue
Press Continue

When requested for an Apple ID sign in, add the one and hit the Continue button.

Now, simply enter the Apple ID and request the owner for the password of the device.

Upon entering both, hit the Sign in button to successfully add user to Apple TV.

Switch Accounts
Switch Accounts

When done, bring up Control Center on the Apple TV by pressing and holding the Home button (TV screen) on your Siri Remote and switch to the user account you wish to.

Note – The access to Apple TV isn't limited to family members only. The method works in an office setting too. However, you can choose to delete the added members after an event is over.

Hope that makes sense!


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