Until now, we only had options to video chat via a Smartphone or a PC screen. Google is expanding these menus of options furthermore by adding TV screens to the mix. The tech-giant will now allow ‘Google Meet’ users to cast their meeting to an Android TV or other Google Cast-connected device. See, how to get started and enable Google Meet cast video conference to the TV screen function.

Why enable Google Meet Cast Video Conference to TV Screen function

Google Meet Cast Video Conference function can make your video conferencing experience more convenient by maximizing the area available in your collaboration space. Let’s get started and cast Google meet from phone to tv.

How to enable Google Meet cast to TV setting

  1. Use Google Calendar or Meet app to open your meeting.
  2. Look for Cast this meeting option.
  3. Open the Cast tab.
  4. Select your cast-enabled device (Android TV)
  5. Start or join Google Meeting.
  6. During a meeting, tap Menu (3 dots).
  7. Select Cast this meeting option.
  8. From the Cast tab, choose the desired cast-enabled device.
  9. To stop casting, select Menu again.
  10. Choose Stop casting meeting.

Can I cast Google Meet to TV?

Yes! Simply locate the Cast button in your browser and choose your Chromecast device. Thereafter, Mirror your Android phone or tablet to your TV. You can’t use your PC since Google no longer supports Chromecast setup on a computer.

As highlighted above, you can start casting before you join a meeting or anytime during a meeting.

Case 1: Before you join

Open your Meet app to play video in Google Meet.

Google Meet Link
Google Meet Link

Choose Menu from the bottom of the screen.

Cast This Meeting Option
Cast This Meeting Option

Select Cast this meeting option.

In the Cast tab, select the cast-enabled device to enable Google Meet casting.

Make sure you have updated to the latest version of Chrome to cast your Google Meet to the TV.

Case 2: During a meeting

In the bottom right, select the three-dot menu then, choose Cast this meeting Google Meet option.

Thereafter, under the Cast tab, select the cast-enabled device you want to use.

Stop Casting Meeting
Stop Casting Meeting

To stop Google Meet cast, go to Menu > Stop casting meeting.

Can I use Google meet without G suite?

Regardless of whether you have a G Suite account or not, you can use Google Meet on tv to join meetings.

Hope it helps!

Source – Chromecast Help.