Workarounds for Apple AirPods not charging problem

February 21, 2020

It’s quite possible to run into issues while trying to connect your earphones to your iPhone or while charging them. Normally, all you must do is put them in the case, lay it on a Qi-compatible charging mat, and let them reside there for some time. But What to do when you find AirPods not charging even after trying this workaround? Read further to find out!

AirPods Pro Charging

Why are my AirPods not charging?

There can be multiple reasons for AirPods not charging. To fix this, make sure the cable is firmly plugged into the charger (Qi-compatible charger), and its opposite end is properly plugged into a power outlet. Also, do the following.

  1. Check the charge status.
  2. Charge your AirPods Case
  3. Reset AirPods and Pair Again.

Over time, earphones can experience some wear and tear and thus, lead to any number of problems like not charging evenly or uneven charge. To resolve this issue, take the following steps.

1] Check the charge status

AirPods not charging to 100
AirPods not charging to 100

Open the case lid with your AirPods inside and bring it near your iPhone. If you see a charging icon next to the battery icon under the wearables be assured, your earphones are charging.

2] Charge your AirPods Case

AirPods not charging in case
AirPods not charging in case

When you find AirPods case not charging, try this workaround. Put your AirPods in the case. Close the lid and charge your AirPods and case for at least 15 minutes using the cable that came with your AirPods.

If you are owning a Wireless Charging Case with a Qi-compatible charger, place the case with the status light facing up. The status light should turn on for several seconds, then turn off while continuing to charge.

If this does not happen, try re-positioning the case. If this still doesn’t work, try charging with the cable that came with your case.

3] Reset AirPods and Pair Again

Occasionally, your AirPods may have corrupted firmware. This can interfere with its working correctly. It usually occurs when a particular process in the device gets interrupted. To fix this, you will need to restore the firmware to the default settings. So, head to the Settings app of your iPhone device and select Bluetooth. Then, tap the ( i ) icon next to your AirPods, tap Forget This Device > Confirm.


When done, place your earphones securely inside the charging case and close the lid. Wait for a few seconds and open the lid of the case.

Press and hold the Setup button on the rear side of the charging case until the LED light inside the case flashes amber and then flashes white repeatedly., close the lid of the Airpods case to finalize the reset process.

Following this, open the AirPods Case lid again to initiate the earphones pairing process.

Hope that makes sense!

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