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How to slow down a video on iPhone through Photos App

We all know, Apple iPhone can capture some breathtaking images, record video — up to 4K or 60fps but it can also shoot some high-quality slow-motion videos! Yes, you can add a bit of flair to your action videos by using the slo-mo capabilities in iPhone to your advantage. Read along to know how to slow down a video on iPhone.

How to slow down a video on iPhone?

No matter, if you’re recording a slo-mo from the start or figuring out ways to slow down a video you have already shot, your iPhone 11 makes the task, a breeze!

  1. Access your iPhone Camera.
  2. Switch from Photo to SLO-MO mode.
  3. Tap the Record button (marked in red) to capture the video.
  4. Tap the Record button again to Stop.
  5. Adjust the SLO-MO timing by selecting the Edit option under Photos.
  6. Use the sliders to adjust iPhone slow motion playback speed.

Can you change the speed of a video on iPhone?

Yes! iPhone features a SLO-MO Video option via which you can adjust the speed of a video on the iPhone. It has become one of the most loved features on the iPhone. You change the speed of a video on iPhone by following the steps below!

Access Camera of your iPhone, switch from photo to SLO-MO mode. Then, tap the Record button to start capturing the video. When done, tap the button again to stop the video. Now to adjust the slo-mo timing.

iPhone Photos App
iPhone Photos App

Go to ‘Photos’ and look for the slo-mo video you captured moments ago.

iPhone Photo Edit Option
iPhone Photo Edit Option

Tap the Edit option visible in the upper-right corner.

The action when confirmed, will break down the editor interface. You’ll see,

  • Video Preview
  • Slow Motion Timeline
  • Video Timeline
Slow Down Video iPhone
Slow Down Video iPhone

The widely spaced tick marks you can see above denote slow motion.

To adjust the timing of slow motion, tap, and drag on the small handles between the regular and slo-mo areas. Everytime you make changes, go to the video preview to check things. If you are not satisfied with the changes, you can continue until you’re happy. You can also try this out with an iPhone video recorded in fast forward.

so, if you find SLO-MO video recording on iPhone 11 significantly better than most DSLRs, don’t be surprised!

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Source – Apple.com

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