Create a simple shortcut to view your Shazam history on an iPhone

December 20, 2021

All it takes to identify an unknown song in Shazam app is a tap on your smartphone screen. However, if you’ve forgotten to save it to your music library, finding the same, later, becomes a task of sorts. Why? There’s hardly any quick and easy way to view your Shazam history but you can create a simple shortcut for it. See how it’s done!

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How to create a shortcut for viewing Shazam history on iPhone?

While you can go to your iTunes account to check the records of your Shazam history, the integration of the app with Control Centre makes the job even simpler. It offers a quick and easy way to identify which song you had on your mind a few hours or days ago.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Choose Control Centre.
  3. Add Shazam app to the Control Centre.
  4. Open Control Centre.
  5. Long-press the Shazam music recognition icon.
  6. Check your history.

When you first install Shazam on Apple device like the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, your Shazam tracks are automatically backed up to iCloud. So, when you sign-in with your Apple ID and have the iCloud backup enabled for Shazam, you can access your history there. We’ll use a simple alternative instead!

How do I see my Shazam history on iPhone?

On your iPhone home screen, swipe down from the top to open the Centre Centre.

Shazam Control Centre Shortcut
Shazam Control Centre Shortcut

Long-press the Shazam music recognition icon to open your Shazam app history.

Shazam History iPhone
Shazam History iPhone

If you’ve played any tracks recently, you’ll find it listed under the History heading as shown in the screenshot above.

Note – If you don’t see the Shazam music recognition icon under Control Centre, follow these steps to add it.

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap the Control centre option.

Control Centre More Controls
Control Centre More Controls

Next, scroll down to the More Controls section to locate Shazam Music Recognition icon. When seen, tap the ‘+’ icon adjacent to it.

Control Centre Included Controls
Control Centre Included Controls

Now, move up to the Included Controls section. If you find the Shazam icon listed there, it means the icon has been added to the Control Centre screen. Then, follow the method described above to view its history.

Hope that makes sense!



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