Shoploop from Google offers a new way to shop online

July 17, 2020

Shopping should never be a dull experience. So, to make it more interactive, Google has come up with a new platform – Shoploop. It allows users to discover new products in a short and entertaining video format. Let’s see what new this startup has in its store for us!

Google’s Shoploop entertains new way to shop online

Google has discovered, when it comes to buying products, people often follow a usual way to make an informed choice. For example, when buyers come across something interesting, they check if the product has got any good ratings or received rave reviews from buyers on popular sites like YouTube, and then return to an online shop to complete the purchase.


So, to make this experience more convenient and hassle-free, Google thought of including all these features under one app – Shoploop! It combines 3 important aspects of online shopping into one single platform. This includes,

  1. Spotting a product of interest
  2. Checking its video reviews
  3. Ordering the same product

Most, importantly, the startup claims to introduce consumers to new products in under 90 seconds. Let’s see how!

Visit Shoploop app.

Sign in with your Google account.

Choose a tab and scroll down to find the product you are interested in via short-video demos. The demos are meant to provide videos relevant to the product you are interested in.

Watch the demo video. The experience is like watching YouTube tutorials, but it’s narrowed down to the best bits in the app.


Switch to the full view to check its price. Click the ‘Shop’ link to get directed to the merchant’s website and complete the purchase.

If you like the experience, you can recommend products and help others shop directly from their videos. Also, you can follow your favorite Shoploop creators and share videos with friends and family.

Note - Shoploop for now, is available only on the mobile web. You can visit on your mobile browser for a new online shopping experience.


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