Set a 4-digit pin to lock an individual Netflix Profile

January 1, 2022

Amid a broader set of updates rolled out for Netflix, one feature that received major appreciation was the ability to add a PIN lock for individual Netflix Profile. The same feature was also confirmed as a part of the streaming service’s improved parental controls. So, now, with this new change in action, each individual user can set a four-digit PIN specific to their profile in a Netflix account. Let’s find out how!

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How to lock your Netflix profile?

There can be as many as 5 separate profiles for a single Netflix account. Moreover, each profile user may share his/her profile with a partner or friend, risking your privacy as a person could get access to content you don’t want to be viewed by others.  Here’s how you can set up your 4-digit pin lock to protect an individual Netflix profile.

  1. Go to your Netflix account.
  2. Open the Profile & Parental Controls settings.
  3. Change the Profile Lock setting.
  4. Enter your Netflix account password.
  5. Check Require a PIN box.
  6. Create your Profile Lock PIN.
  7. To set pin for any new added profiles, select Require PIN to add new profiles option.
  8. Hit the Save button.

It is important to note here that currently, you can set the PIN-lock only via a browser since account settings can’t be changed from the Netflix app on your phone or TV.

How to set pin on Netflix profile?

To add a PIN to a specific profile, visit the Netflix website and sign in with your account details.

Scroll down to the Profile and Parental Controls section on the main page, choose the profile you would like to configure the Pin for.

Netflix Profile Lock
Netflix Profile Lock

Move to the Profile lock setting as shown in the image above and hit the Change link.

Netflix Account Password
Netflix Account Password

When a new window opens, enter your Netflix account password and hit the Continue button.

Now, check the ‘Require a Pin to access Your name profile’ box to make visible 4 empty boxes.

Netflix Profile Lock Save
Netflix Profile Lock Save

Enter your 4-digit PIN and hit the Save button to confirm the changes. If you would like to set a pin for any newly added profiles, also select Require PIN to add the new profiles option, before hitting the Save button.

Netflix Profile Lock Saved
Netflix Profile Lock Saved

Once done, you should see a notification confirming your profile lock was saved successfully. If not, your device may require a refresh to pick up the updated settings. To do so, switch to another profile, then switch back.

Also, Some devices cannot be updated with new improved Parental Control features like Profile Lock PINs.  

Hope that makes sense!

Source - Netflix.


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