Setup Apple Cash on your iPhone or iPad

July 30, 2020

Apple Cash is a peer-to-peer service that's built into the Apple Pay, mobile payment, and digital wallet platform. It lets you send, receive, or request money from others through iMessages. If you are facing any difficulties in setting up and using this payment facility, we’ll help you get started!  

Use Apple Cash Service

What is Apple Cash and how to use it on your iPhone and iPad

In layman terms, Apple Cash can be defined as a prepaid debit card in your Apple Wallet. To use it, you must add money to your Apple Cash account through a debit card that has already been added or linked to the Wallet app. Once, it’s done, you can use it to make purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web. Moreover, you can even use the same service to transfer your Apple Cash balance to your bank account.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Find and choose Wallet & Apple Pay.
  3. Turn Apple Cash on.
  4. Under Payment Cards, tap Apple Cash.
  5. Tap Continue and follow the on-screen instructions thereafter.
  6. Add money to Apple Cash.
  7. Send money to someone.
  8. Make purchases or transfer money from Apple Cash to your bank account.

Once you have finished setting up Apple Cash, you can send and receive money in the Messages app or make purchases via Apple Pay.

How to use Apple Cash?

Unlock your iPhone or iPad and go to the Settings app.

Wallet Apple Pay Settings
Wallet Apple Pay Settings

Scroll down the screen to locate Wallet & Apple Pay option. When found, tap it.

Now, to add money to your Apple Cash account, go to your card info and tap the Settings app (visible as 3 horizontal dots).

Next, tap Wallet & Apple Pay, then choose your Apple Cash card.

Apple cash Continue button
Apple Cash Continue Button

Next, hit the Continue button visible at the bottom of the screen to proceed further.

Apple Cash Add Money Button
Apple Cash Add Money Button

Then, tap Add Money button and enter the desired amount. Note - The minimum amount you can add is $10. When done, press the Add button and then confirm the U.S. debit or prepaid card you would like to use to add money. Confirm with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

To send money to someone, open the Messages app to start a new conversation. Also, you can continue the same with the existing conversation. Towards the bottom of your device’s screen, you will find the Apple Pay button marked in black. If for some reason, the icon is not visible to you, tap the App Store icon first.

Apple Pay Button
Apple Pay Button

Enter the amount you wish to send or transfer > tap Pay > Send (arrow facing upwards) button to review or cancel the payment. Confirm your payment.

Lastly to transfer money Apple Cash to your bank account or Visa debit card, access your Apple Cash card (Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay).

Tap Transfer to Bank option, when seen. Enter an amount and hit the Next button.

Choose the Instant Transfer option, when visible. In the end, gently tap ‘>’ to select the Visa debit card you want to transfer the amount.

Verify that the bank details to which you want to transfer funds are correct. Confirm the action. Please note, the process may take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Is Apple Cash a credit card?

No. Apple describes it as a prepaid debit card residing inside your Apple Wallet. it lets you send, receive or request money from others through iMessages. 

Hope it makes sense! Also, read - How to get AppleCare Protection plan for your new iPhone.

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