Set time on Kindle Paperwhite manually

September 29, 2021

As an owner, you can either set time on Kindle Paperwhite clock manually or have it synced with an internet clock server, automatically. The problem with the latter option is that you may find your Kindle clock displaying incorrect time if the server is unreachable or for some reason showing an incorrect time. Then, using the second option makes sense!

Kindle Setting Time manually

How to set time on Kindle Paperwhite?

Recently, I observed when I change the clock on my Kindle to match the time on my Echo Show 10, it inevitably changes to a different time. I find it quite confusing. So, I decided to set time on Kindle Paperwhite manually.

  1. Switch on your Kindle.
  2. Connect it to a Wi-Fi network.
  3. On the home screen, swipe down your finger.
  4. From the Quick Actions list, select All Settings.
  5. Choose Device Options.
  6. Switch to Advanced Options.
  7. Under Advanced options, select Device Time entry.
  8. Enter the current time.
  9. Hit the OK button.
  10. Check the local time, displayed at the top of the screen.

As you noticed, you need to learn only a handful of controls to change time on Kindle Paperwhite in a hassle-free way.

Why is my Kindle showing the wrong time?

It’s highly likely, the setting configured to enable Kindle to automatically synchronize the date and time with an internet time server is experiencing some issues. To make sure that it displays the accurate time, try resetting it manually.

How to change time on a Kindle?

Turn On your Amazon Kindle reader.

If it is not connected to the Internet, connect it to a Wi-Fi network with good signal strength.

From the Home Screen of your device, swipe down to reveal the Quick Actions menu, and from the list of options displayed select Settings.

Device Options Kindle
Device Options Kindle

Scroll down to Device Options entry and tap the side-arrow to expand it.

Kindle Advanced Options
Kindle Advanced Options

Switch to Advanced Options heading.

Device Time Kindle
Device Time Kindle

Under the Advanced Options heading, scroll down to Device Time entry and tap it.

Kindle Device Time
Kindle Device Time

A window should pop up on your device’s screen with timings. Use the arrowheads (Upwards or Downwards) to set the time correctly.

Even after following the above steps, if you find the time didn't update as desired, restart your device and set up the time again.

Hope it helps!


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