Here’s how you can bring back YouTube Dislike Button

December 8, 2021

To give creators of all sizes and backgrounds, a chance to share their voice and promote respectful interactions with their viewers, Google introduced Likes and Dislikes button. However, the Dislike button soon became a tool to express unwanted frustration. This resulted in its sudden disappearance from the YouTube videos. People still believe it’s a very reliable indicator of the quality of a video. So, if you want to bring it back, follow this tutorial. See how you can get back the YouTube Dislike button for your channel.

Restore YouTube Dislike Button

How to restore the YouTube Dislike button for your channel?

Although there’s little hope that YouTube will bring back its Dislike button and add it as a core feature again, content creators can use a workaround to restore the function. Here’s how you can add a YouTube Dislike button for your channel.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go to Return YouTube Dislike extension page.
  3. Hit the Install button.
  4. When directed to the main page, click Add extension button.
  5. If prompted with warning message, ignore it and click Add Extension.
  6. Go to your YouTube channel and see the ratings counter.
  7. Dislike button should be present there.

How do I see dislikes on YouTube again?

On your MacBook, open a browser and go to the Return YouTube Dislike website.

Once there, hit the Install button.

Select your browser and when directed to the store page, hit the Add to Chrome button to add the extension.

Add Extension
Add Extension

When prompted with the message – It can read and change your data on all sites, hit the Add Extension button.

YouTube Dislike Button
YouTube Dislike Button

Now, simply go to your YouTube channel and hover the mouse cursor over the likes counter to see dislike statistics and rating bar. The Return YouTube Dislike extension uses a combination of Google's API data and scraped data. It saves all available data to its Data Base so it can be made available whenever Google removes dislike counts from their API.

Why isn’t the dislike count updating?

Firstly, the Return YouTube Dislike extension is an ALPHA version and is still in the early stages of development. As such, you may encounter bugs or experience some lag in performance. Second, all video dislikes registered with the service are cached. So, the counts aren’t updated very frequently. It is set to update once every 2–3 days. The developers are working on improving this capability.


Return YouTube Dislike is compatible with all major browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and even Brave. For browsers not yet supported, users can try the TAMPERMONKEY UserScript.

Hope that makes sense!


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