Simple way to remove Your Home on Google Maps using iPhone

August 27, 2021

Making your home on Google Maps visible enables you and others to type less and get directions to your place faster. But if you prefer keeping this information private or have recently moved to a new place, it makes sense to get the location removed. Find out how it’s done!

Home On Google Maps iOS

How to remove your Home on Google Maps via iPhone?

You can publicly add places to Google Maps. These places then appear as a pinned marker, letting you and others track down the precise location among the maze of streets. It’s equally simple to remove your Home on Google Maps. Follow this step-by-step guide.

  1. Launch Google Maps app.
  2. Tap the Google Maps Logo icon.
  3. Swipe your finger to left.
  4. Choose More option.
  5. Tap the Menu (Home) under Labelled.
  6. Select Remove home option.

Please see - You must be signed in to set, edit, or remove home from Google Maps.

How to remove Home from Google Maps?

Tap the Google Maps icon on your iPhone Home Screen to launch the app.

Google Maps Logo
Google Maps Logo

Inside the search field of the app, tap the Google Maps Logo icon as shown in the image above.

Google Maps More Option
Google Maps More Option

Next, swipe your finger to left to reveal the More option.

When found, tap it to go to the Labelled section.

Home on Google Maps
Home on Google Maps

Here, select the Menu (visible as 3 horizontal dots) next to the Home heading.

Remove Home on Google Maps
Remove Home on Google Maps

From the list of options displayed therein, choose Remove home option.

Once done, Google Maps will delete the saved home address of the label.

Can Google Maps show houses?

Yes, Google Maps can show houses. It displays a satellite view of the places. You can zoom in, or pan the camera around any location to find directions.

What is a label on a map?

A label on a map is a piece of descriptive text that represents landmarks, businesses, and tourist attractions. These, labeled places show up on your map locations, in search suggestions, in the "Your places" screen, and in Google Photos.

That’s all you need to know about Google Maps.

Hope that make sense!


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