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September 7, 2020

Although many users rely on smart speakers and their voice-recording apps to get work done, there’s always an apprehension that someone might be listening. Sometimes, someone does! Bigwigs like Amazon and Google capture snippets of conversations that their smart speakers secretly record and upload to the cloud. The companies claim, it helps in improving customer experience, but the truth can be rather worrying if not shocking! Thankfully, there’s a way to clear or remove Google Assistant Voice.

Google Assistant Voice Record

How to delete your Google Assistant Voice Recordings?

Unfortunately, the data collected by smart devices is not anonymized. So, it is highly possible to trace back to the actual owner of the smart speaker. To clear Google Assistant voice recordings, do the following.

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Tap Filter by date & product.
  4. Check Assistant option.
  5. Hit Apply button.
  6. Locate the Delete option.
  7. Delete all voice recordings.

Where are Google voice recordings?

If you do not know, Google records many of the conversations you have around its products and archives them online in your Google account. All your voice data is stored by your Google Account’s My Activity section and fortunately, there's an easy way to find and delete them.

How do I delete Google audio recordings?

Open Safari or another browser of your choice on your iPhone or MacBook.

Type the following address and hit the Enter key – Enter the email ID and password, if prompted.

My Google Activity Page
My Google Activity Page

Under the My Activity heading, choose filter by date & product.

Google Assistant Entry
Google Assistant Entry

Scroll down to find the Assistant entry. Hit the Apply Button.

Delete My Google Activity
Delete My Google Activity

Look for the Delete button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Delete Google Assistant Voice
Delete Google Assistant Voice

Hit the Delete button to remove all your Google Assistant Voice recordings.

You'll get a confirmation message upon the completion of the process.

Alternatively, you can categorize the entries for a given month and delete them via the three-dot settings in the search bar. That way, you can purge your account of all the desired recordings rather easily.

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