Remove places visited from Your Twitter Data

June 9, 2021

Once you post something on Twitter, it’s out there in public view and available for others to see. You can find what information is visible to them by accessing Your Twitter Data. It gives a snapshot of your Twitter information. This may include your account activity details like the places you’ve been to recently. If you do not want these destinations to be seen, follow this guide to remove places visited from your Twitter account.

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How to remove places visited from Your Twitter Data

Although showing different locations you’ve been to help in building a great timeline, it can tell your followers a bit too much about you. So, if you don't prefer sharing such information about yourself, here's a quick tip to remove places visited from Your Twitter Data.

  1. Open your Twitter mobile app.
  2. Tap menu.
  3. Go to Settings and privacy
  4. Tap Account.
  5. Select Your Twitter Data entry.
  6. Choose Account history.
  7. Tap Places you’ve been.
  8. Enter the password.
  9. Tap Remove.

Reviewing Your Twitter data regularly can give you insights into the type of information stored for your Twitter account online.

How to remove places you’ve been to from Your Twitter Data section?

Launch the Twitter mobile app for iOS.

Tap the Menu (visible as 3 horizontal bars in the upper-left corner of your Timeline window).

Settings and Privacy Twitter
Settings and Privacy Twitter

Scroll down to Twitter Settings and privacy option and tap to expand it.

Your Twitter Data
Your Twitter Data

Choose Account option and go to Your Twitter Data entry.

Account history
Account history

Now, select the Account history option and tap the Places you’ve been option.

Enter Password
Enter Password

When prompted to enter the password, enter your Twitter password.

Remove Places Visited
Remove Places Visited

Tap the Remove link (highlighted in red) to remove the places visited from your Twitter account.

That’s how you can remove places visited from Your Twitter Data on your Twitter mobile app for iOS and make changes as you see fit.

Hope that makes sense!


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