Remove downloaded Apple Music songs from your iPhone or iPad

June 11, 2021

Apple Music subscription lets you Play over 75 million songs in lossless audio, at no extra cost. Plus, you can download your favorite tracks to play them offline. It works well if your playlist has a limited number of tracks. However, if your iPhone or iPad memory space is drying up fast, you’ll need to lose some songs from the catalog. Read along to find how to remove downloaded Apple Music songs from your iPhone or iPad.

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How to remove downloaded Apple Music songs from your iPhone or iPad?

Although Offline Downloads offer the convenience to listen to your favorite music when there’s no Internet connection, it can take up the limited space that is available to you. So, before your iPhone or iPad starts flashing the ‘Insufficient storage available’ message, get it in order by deleting some downloaded Apple Music songs. Here’s how it’s done!

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose Music.
  3. Scroll down to Downloads.
  4. Tap Downloaded Music.
  5. Choose a song and swipe left.
  6. Hit the Delete button.

You can manage memory space by removing some items from the Apple Music downloads.

Can you download songs with Apple Music?

Download Ready ICon
Download Ready Icon

Yes! Simply select the album or a song and add it to your playlist. For this, tap the '+' icon at the top.

Download Button
Download Button

Now, if you would like to download all the songs of the album in one go, tap the download (down-arrow) icon as shown in the image above. ‘

Delete downloaded Apple Music songs from your iPhone or iPad

Unlock your iPhone or iPad and go to Settings.

Settings Music
Settings Music

Under settings, locate the Music entry.

Downloaded Music
Downloaded Music

When found, tap it to go to a new screen. Under the new Music screen scroll down to the Downloads section. Tap Downloaded Music.

Remove Downloaded Apple Music Song
Remove Downloaded Apple Music Song

Now, to remove the song from the Apple Music downloads, select it and swipe left to make the Delete option visible. Hit Delete to remove the downloaded Apple Music song.

If you would like to delete all the songs in one go, tap All Songs and swipe left. Then, choose the Delete option.

Hope that makes sense!


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