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How to remove the camera from iPhone 11 Lock Screen

Did you know there’s a handy shortcut available to open the camera from your iPhone’s Lock Screen, instantly? All thanks to the iOS Control Center! It lets a user quickly pick up a specific capture mode without even opening the Camera application from the device. However, many do not prefer this accessibility feature as it has some privacy concerns. Here’s how you can eliminate the risk and remove the camera from iPhone 11 Lock Screen. Read the post for more detailed instructions!

Disable or remove the camera from iPhone 11 Lock Screen

A new setting in iOS 14 enables Apple users to remove cameras from the iPhone 11 Lock Screen. Please note – When you turn off Lock Screen access to a feature, you prevent someone who has your iPhone from viewing any personal information that it might contain. If you do not mind it, proceed further!

  1. Open iPhone Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Screen Time.
  3. Go to Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  4. Set the toggle for Content & Privacy Restrictions to On position.
  5. Under the Same screen, choose Allowed Apps.
  6. Toggle Off the Camera.

The Lock Screen in iPhone displays the current time and date and your most recent notifications. From here, you can also access the camera and take photos with your Smartphone camera but if you are not fond of this shortcut, remove the camera from iPhone 11 Lock Screen, at once! See How!

Launch your iPhone Settings.

Screen Time Settings
Screen Time Settings

Scroll down to Screen Time option. Expand its menu by clicking the side-arrow.

Screen Time Options
Screen Time Options

Move to Content & Privacy Restrictions. If the option is disabled, enable it by sliding the toggle to On position.

Content & Privacy Restrictions
Content & Privacy Restrictions

When Allowed Apps option appears highlighted, expand its menu and choose Camera.

Allowed Apps camera Disabled
Allowed Apps camera Disabled

Slide the toggle for Camera to Off position.

That’s it. Hereafter, when you lock your screen and swipe left, the camera app will no longer show up.

This way, you can easily disable or remove camera from the Lock Screen.

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