Record, play Voice Memos on Apple Watch in few easy steps

July 21, 2021

Voice Memos on Apple Watch lets you record conversations and sync the recorded audio notes through iCloud to your Mac, iPhone or iPad. However, getting started with the Apple's Voice Memos app isn’t as simple as taping the record button. There's more to it, you should know! You can even copy and save your dictation to the Files app and Dropbox.

Apple Watch Voice Memo

How to get Voice Memos on Apple Watch?

When you’re using the same Apple ID for all your Apple devices, the recorded Voice Memos on Apple Watch will sync to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. They’ll be saved in the MPEG-4 file format, using the Advanced Audio Coding codec. You can find these files with M4A extension.

  1. Open the Voice Memos app.
  2. Tap the red Record button to start recording.
  3. Tap it again to stop the recording.
  4. Play or pause the recording.
  5. Adjust the recording speed.
  6. To edit the recording name tap it.
  7. Select Dictation or Scribble option.
  8. Remove the recording, if not needed.

Before you begin, note that you must upgrade your Apple smartwatch to watchOS 6 or later. The Watch app on your iPhone can help you verify it. Just open the Watch app on an iPhone running iOS 13 or higher, go to General > Software Update.

How to record and play Voice Memos for Apple Watch?

Voice Memo for Apple Watch
Voice Memo for Apple Watch

Assuming, you have upgraded your watch to watchOS 6 or later, open the Voice Memos app on your watch.

Recording Voice Memo
Recording Voice Memo

Tap the Record button to begin your recording session.

When done, press the Record button again to stop it.

Now, tap the recording to display it and tap the Play button to play it.

Fast Forward Voice Memo Recording
Fast Forward Voice Memo Recording

You can adjust the speed of the recording by jumping 15 seconds forward or bakward.

Voice Memos on Apple Watch
Voice Memos on Apple Watch

Also, if you would like to edit the name of the recording, tap the default name.

Scribble Dictation Option
Scribble Dictation Option

Then, type your new name either through Dictation or Scribbling option.

Delete Voice Memo Recording
Delete Voice Memo Recording

Lastly, if you would like to remove the recoding from your watch’s memory, tap the ellipsis icon and select Delete recording. This is necessary since, if you fail to do it, the recording will automatically sync to your other supported Apple devices via iCloud. You can always go back to the Recording screen and create another voice memo, afresh.

How long can Apple Watch record Voice Memo?

Your voice memos can be significantly long as there’s no limit set by Apple. Some users claim, you can continue recording uninterrupted up to 90 minutes but may have trouble at the time of editing or playing back shorter files.

How much space does an hour long Voice Memo take up?

Just like photos, videos and any other digital file, voice memos take up the available storage on your device. As per some estimates, every minute of audio note recorded through the Voice Memo app requires roughly half a megabyte of storage space. So, a 90 minute of recording would require about 45MB of space.

Do Voice Memos have a time limit?

No, but the length of the message you can record is determined by the internal storage capacity of your Apple smartwatch.

Why do voice messages say kept?

If you are not aware, the “Kept” indicator beneath the voice message that occasionally graces your screen denotes the message hasn’t expired as the recipient has chosen to keep it.

Hope that makes sense!


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