How to put Sticky Notes on iPhone screen running iOS 14 or later

October 1, 2020

Sticky Notes in its digital form, offer a very convenient way to save something for later. Besides, they also help you capture ideas on the fly and organize your action items, instantly by creating notes or adding pictures. If you are wondering how to put Sticky Notes on iPhone screen, refer to the instructions given in this post.

Sticky Notes iPhone

How to put Sticky Notes on iPhone screen in iOS 14

Adding a color note on the Homescreen of your iPhone has been made possible by a newly built capability in iOS 14. It’s called the Sticky Note widget iPhone. The capability lets you put Sticky Notes on iPhone screen by doing the following.

  1. Get Sticky Sticky Note app for iPhone lock screen from App Store.
  2. Add it as a Widget.
  3. Tap Edit option.
  4. Select a note and tap it again to edit.
  5. Save the note, when done!
  6. Change the Color or Font as desired.

Sticky Note app for iPhone lock screen closely mimics the real-life sticky notes experience.

How to put Sticky Notes on iPhone Home screen?

Download Sticky Widgets from the App Store.

To add a widget to your Home Screen, long-hold anywhere on your Home Screen.

Add Button
Add Button

Tap the Edit button, visible as a Plus icon.

Tap To Edit text
Tap To Edit text

Select Sticky Widget.

Tap Add Widget to get the widget in place.

Sticky Notes List
Sticky Notes List

Tap it again to edit text. When finished, hit the Done button, visible at the bottom.

How do you change the background color on sticky notes?

If you would like to change the Sticky Notes background, tap the Customize button at the top. The options however are limited. To get more colors, you'll need to pay a monthly subscription fee. For free versions, do the following.

Sticky Notes background
Sticky Notes background

Expand the Background menu by tapping the side arrow.

Sticky Notes Background Color
Sticky Notes Background Color

Choose the desired background. By default, 3 options are available namely,

  • Classic Yellow
  • Classic Pink
  • Classic Blue

Likewise, you can change font, text alignment, and size.

A good feature about these colorful stickies worth mentioning, you can start jotting down notes or adding items to the list without having to unlock your device. In my honest opinion, Sticky Widgets is one of the best sticky note apps for the iPhone, you should give it a try!

Sticky Widgets App Store Link.


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