Apple surprisingly includes mouse support for its devices like iPad and iPhone. The feature, however, is not enabled by default. You must first allow it under Accessibility settings. Here’s a tutorial explaining to you the simple method about how to move cursor on iPhone 11.

How to move cursor on iPhone 11

To move cursor on iPhone 11, you must first enable the Bluetooth under the phone’s Settings.

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Accessibility.
  3. Navigate to the Physical and Motor section.
  4. Select Touch option
  5. Check if AssistiveTouch is set to On.
  6. Go to Pointer Devices section
  7. Access Bluetooth devices option
  8. Pair your Bluetooth Mouse.

How to get a cursor on iPhone?

Apple hides iPhone cursor control options deep within the device’s Accessibility settings. As such, it is not readily visible.

Go to your Smartphone’s Settings.

Choose Accessibility and then select Touch under Physical and Motor section.

iPhone Assistive Touch Enabled
iPhone Assistive Touch Enabled

Here, check if ‘AssistiveTouch’ is set to ‘On’.

Next, go to the ‘Pointer Devices’ section, press the side-arrow to make ‘Bluetooth devices’ available (You can connect Bluetooth and USB assistive pointer devices, such as joysticks and mice).

iPhone Bluetooth Pairing Request
iPhone Bluetooth Pairing Request

Pair your Bluetooth mouse when prompted.

Mouse Cursor iPhone 11
Mouse Cursor iPhone 11

An iPhone pointer icon should become visible on your phone’s screen. You are now all set to control your phone’s screen and its options via your Bluetooth mouse.

What is pointer style on iPhone?

It refers to making changes in the appearance of mouse pointer you would like to use to click icons on your screen that you might otherwise tap. For instance, you can adjust or change the pointer’s color, shape, size, scrolling speed, and more.

Please note that he experience of using a mouse with your Apple device takes some time for getting used to as it isn’t a typical mouse pointer. It’s just a cursor that more or less mimics your finger. Having said that, every Apple product is designed keeping accessibility options in mind.  So, even a visually impaired person can take group selfies and do things like a normal person.

Hope it helps!

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