Learn to manage your Twitter contacts on iOS devices

September 13, 2020

Twitter describes the people you already know but aren’t following like your best connections. So, when you sign up for the service using an email or phone number and choose to sync the contacts, the app automatically finds your friends' accounts and encourages you to follow them. This way, Twitter makes your profile more discoverable to others. If you have any apprehensions regarding this behavior, you can control it. Here’s how to manage your Twitter contacts on iOS devices.

Twitter Discoverability

Control sharing of your Twitter contacts via Twitter settings

Twitter app setting makes it incredibly easier to upload and manage your contacts. It allows you to control your profile’s discoverability to others via your email address or phone number. All you must do is adjust your discoverability privacy settings to manage your Twitter contacts. Here’s how!

  1. Launch the Twitter app.
  2. Tap the Menu.
  3. Choose Settings and privacy.
  4. Expand the Privacy and safety menu.
  5. Go to Discoverability and contact settings.
  6. Tap Discoverability and contacts.
  7. Manage discoverability i.e., how others can find you or remove all contacts.

When you disable the settings that let others find you by your email address or phone number, Twitter will also not use your address book contacts.

How do I sync my contacts to Twitter?

Launch your Twitter for iOS app.

Go to Menu (visible as 3 horizontal bars in the upper-left corner of the app screen).

Settings Privacy Twitter
Settings Privacy Twitter

From the list of options displayed, select Settings and privacy.

Privacy Safety Twitter
Privacy Safety Twitter

Expand the Privacy and safety menu.

Control Discoverability
Control Discoverability

Under the Discoverability and contacts heading, select the ‘Discoverability and contacts’ option.


Enable or disable the following options,

  • Let others find you by your email.
  • Let others find you by your phone.

To sync address book contacts, scroll down to the Contacts section and toggle the switch for Sync address book contacts to the On position.

Discoverability Contacts Screen
Discoverability Contacts Screen

Hit Remove all contacts link to remove contacts, you previously uploaded.

If your contact is on Twitter, will your email address or phone number be publicly displayed on Twitter?

Even if you have enabled the setting that lets others find you by your email address or phone number, any information related to it will not be shared publicly on Twitter.


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