Make movies on Apple TV to rent play on your Smart TV

July 12, 2021

Content available as shows or movies on Apple TV to rent can be acquired and streamed across your favorite Apple device. What makes this deal so special is while some of them might still be running in theaters they can be released for home viewing. So, let’s find out how to rent movies on Apple TV.

Apple TV app Movies

How to make movies on Apple TV to rent play on your Smart TV?

When you make movies on Apple TV to rent play on your Smart TV, you can turn the accessibility features like Subtitles (SDH), Closed captions (CC), Audio-described content (AD) On or Off. Here’s how to Rent movies on Apple TV.

  1. Turn on your Apple TV.
  2. Go to the Apple TV app.
  3. Search to find a movie or TV show.
  4. Look for an option to rent it.
  5. Hit the Rent price button.
  6. Choose the Rent and Watch Later option.
  7. Go to the Library.
  8. Choose the Rentals tab from the sidebar.
  9. Find your movies and TV shows to play

The expertly curated Apple TV app gives you the freedom to explore your favorite content, including the latest blockbusters.

How to rent movies on Apple TV?

Apple TV App Devices
Apple TV App Devices

Turn On your Smart TV and select the Apple TV app from the Home Screen.

Now, search for the movie or show you would like to rent. Not all movies are available to rent.

Rent a movie
Rent a movie

When found, hit the Rent price button just below the Buy button in the lower-left corner of the app screen.

When done, choose the Rent and Watch Later option.

Apple TV Rentals
Apple TV Rentals

Now, while still inside the Apple TV app, switch to the Library tab. Select Rentals from the sidebar as shown in the image above.


Please note that if you don't see the Rentals entry in the sidebar, it means there aren't any current rentals associated with the Apple ID that you're signed in with. Choose the correct Apple user ID you used to rent the movie.

Now, select your rental, then hit the Play button to start watching it. As soon as you press play, you have 48 hours to finish watching your rental.

Apple TV rented movie won't play.

Apple TV movies for rent offer 30 days period to start watching it but as soon as you play your rental, it is available for 48 hours only. After the 48 hours period lapse, it automatically gets deleted from your library.

Can you download rented movies on Apple TV?

Sadly, no! You can't download rentals to your Apple TV, smart TV, or streaming device. If you have purchased a movie or a show, you can download it to your Apple device and watch them anywhere, anytime even without a Wi-Fi connection.

Hope that makes sense!


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