Make Memoji and use them as stickers in iMessage and FaceTime

March 2, 2020

Newer iPhone models equipped with TrueDepth cameras can replicate facial expressions and head movements to create your animated avatars. Apple describes these personalized emoji-style avatars as Memoji. In this post, we'll walk you through the process to make Memoji on iPhone and use them as stickers in iMessage and FaceTime.

Create Memoji

How to make Memoji on iPhone and use them as stickers

Your iPhone’s Face ID feature facilitates the creation and recording of animated messages as Memojis in Messages and FaceTime. These Memojis mainly match your personality and resemble your mood. To make Memoji on iPhone, follow these steps!

  1. Open the iMessage app and tap Compose.
  2. Tap Animoji icon.
  3. Swipe right and choose New Memoji.
  4. Customize the image and press Done.
  5. Add it as a sticker to the iMessage app or FaceTime app.
  6. Select the sticker, tap the record button to record your message.
  7. Stop the record button and send the animoji with the recorded message.
  8. Use the Same animated avatar in FaceTime, make a call, tap on Effects, and choose the figure you would like to use.

Now, let's cover the process in a bit of detail!

Starting with iOS 13, new Memoji stickers are also available on older iPhones that don’t support advanced cameras, although with some limitations.

How to make Memoji?

Add Memoji Button
Add Memoji Button

To start with the process, open the iMessage app and tap ‘compose message’ to start a new message. Tap the 'A' icon followed by '+' as shown in the screenshot above.

New Memoji Option
New Memoji Option

Hiit the ‘New Memoji’ option to add a new Memoji.

Modify Memoji
Modify Memoji

Once added, customize its features— like, hairstyle, eyes, and more, if required.

In the end, hit the ‘Done' button.


Once done, put it in Messages or FaceTime.

How to make Memoji talk?

Open ‘Messages’ and tap ‘compose message’ to start a new message.

Then swipe left to pick your art piece. Hit the '+' button to add your newly created Memoji.

Memoji Voice Recording
Memoji Voice Recording

Tap the record icon (visible as a red circle) to record.

When done, press the button again to stop the message record. You can continue to record for 30 seconds. To choose a different image with the same recording, tap another avatar that you created. (Also read about iOS Screen recorder feature)

How to get Memoji Stickers?

If you would like to create a Memoji sticker, open the Messages app and from the bottom of (below the message field) simply touch and hold the picture and then, drag it to the message thread.

Memoji Boy
Memoji Boy

To send the newly created figure tap Send.

If you would like to delete the same, hit the ‘Delete’ button.

How to send a selfie with Memoji?

Open FaceTime and make a call. 

FaceTime Effects
FaceTime Effects

When the call starts, tap on 'Effects', choose the animated image you would like to use.

Selfie Memoji
Selfie Memoji

Continue your FaceTime call with your customized avatars. You can also follow the same procedure on an iPad to make your Memoji talk on the iPad.

That's all there is to it!


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