When you shop from the largest online selection at eBay.com you get some of the best deals. However, to make payments you must use an online payment platform. PayPal is the long-standing, trusted payment service for a payment method at eBay. There’s no risk involved in linking the 2 accounts. If you want to know how to link PayPal to eBay account, follow along!

How to link PayPal to eBay account simultaneously

When you link PayPal to eBay account, you don’t have to enter your PayPal account information each time you pay. Here’s how to link the 2 accounts together.

  1. Go to eBay.com.
  2. Enter your login details.
  3. Go to Account heading under My eBay.
  4. Select the PayPal Account option under Payments.
  5. Hit the Link My PayPal Account button.
  6. Fill in your PayPal login details to complete the process.

People trust PayPal’s online payment processes as it bears a good reputation. So, when you link PayPal to eBay account online, the process of buying and selling becomes a lot easier and more secure.

Open eBay website page in your browser.

Enter your login details to open your account.

eBay Account Tab
eBay Account Tab

When the webpage opens, go to the Account heading under My eBay section. Click the link to make PayPal Account link visible under Payments.

PayPal Account Link
PayPal Account Link

When seen, choose the PayPal Account link to be directed to a new page.

Link My PayPal Account
Link My PayPal Account

Then, in the new page that opens, look for Link My PayPal account button.

When seen, hit the button, and thereafter, simply enter your PayPal account details to go to the PayPal website and link the two accounts together.

Link PayPal to eBay not working?

As a quick workaround, you can try to log out of your eBay account. Then, clear the cache & cookies and restart the browser. This should fix your problem. If not, try contacting PayPal customer service.

That’s all there is to it! Hope that helps!

Source – PayPal.