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How to use Instagram Recently Deleted feature in iOS

The progress of Instagram and other social networking sites has made the world an all-exciting place. Today, we live in a world dominated by live streaming and photo-sharing. In practice, most of these technologies have served to help customers to do their tasks more efficiently. Also, to keep the users in the loop, these tech-giants regularly release updates to bring something new or unique. Learning from this emerging trend, Instagram has rolled out a new Recently Deleted feature. Learn how you can use Instagram Recently Deleted feature to manage your content.

How to use Instagram Recently Deleted feature to manage your content?

Instagram has helped thousands of people create new business and revenues and get more from the technology. However, until now, veterans had no easy way of recovering photos or videos, deleted from their Instagram account. It changes from today. Read to find how you can use Instagram Recently Deleted feature to manage your content.

  1. Launch your Instagram for iOS app.
  2. Click the Profile icon.
  3. Tap Menu.
  4. Choose Settings.
  5. Go to Account.
  6. Select the Recently Deleted feature.
  7. Select the items you would like to restore.
  8. Hit the Restore link.
  9. Check the restored items.

Can you bring back deleted Instagram photos?

Yes, you can not only bring back the deleted photos but recover deleted Instagram live video also. Recently Deleted feature in Instagram lets you restore your lost content. Here’s how you can get it!

Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or iPad. Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your device.

Instagram Menu
Instagram Menu

Click the Profile icon, located in the lower-right corner of your app screen. Then, tap Menu (visible as 3 horizontal bars in the upper-right corner).

Instagram Settings Menu
Instagram Settings Menu

Next, select Settings from the menu.

When directed to the Settings screen, scroll down to Account option.

Choose the option to go to Recently Deleted feature and when found, tap to select it.

Instagram Recently Deleted Feature
Instagram Recently Deleted Feature

Here, you’ll then see a collection of deleted content.

Restore Post
Restore Post

Select the items you would like to restore and hit the Restore link to restore them from the archive.

The action when confirmed will recover deleted Instagram story video, Live videos, deleted Instagram photos, deleted Instagram posts, and more. If you have deleted a post from the grid, your followers, and the people you are following will be able to see and interact with it again.

Hope that makes sense!

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