If you are wondering how to post multiple pictures in one frame on Facebook, this guide will help you out. The social networking giant – Facebook enables its users to optimize their Facebook photo layouts via a new option called ‘Choose a layout’. See how to use this Facebook Choose a layout feature!

How to use Facebook Choose a layout feature to post multiple photos simultaneously

Uploading multiple photos to Facebook can be tricky when you are not so proficient with the app. Moreover, it can be quite confusing if you want all the photos to be included in the same status update. Facebook photo layout template however makes things a lot easier. Here’s how!

  1. Open your Facebook mobile app.
  2. Tap Photos option
  3. Choose a layout
  4. Write something
  5. Post images with the status update

One way to upload multiple photos together is to create a photo album. You can also do the same in a status update without creating an album. See the instructions given below to post multiple images from your mobile device using the Facebook app.

Launch your Facebook mobile app. You can find the most essential tabs are located at the top of the screen. Just below the ‘What’s on your mind’ field, there’s a group of tabs, including,

  • Live
  • Photo
  • Room
facebook photo tab

Select the ‘Photo’ tab.

facebook choose photo layout

Choose photos you would like to post to Facebook and select a layout. There are 4 layouts you can select from including,

  • Classic
  • Columns
  • Banner
  • Frame

Each layout is designed to suit your needs.

post photo layout to facebook

Once done, write something about the album, you just finished creating and hit the ‘Post’ button to post images to your Facebook account.

Please note that if you have more than 5 images to be added to a post or a status update, we would recommend you create an album instead. Also, if the ‘Choose a layout’ feature is not visible to you, update your Facebook mobile app to its latest version. Read our earlier post – How to switch on Require Face ID for the Facebook Messenger app.

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