Things always don’t work as desired! The same applies to online business. If you are not actively working on your Facebook page or exploring different ways to engage people, your business page will serve no purpose. Then, it may be reasonable to unpublish Facebook Page from your account. Read how this can be done.

How to delete or unpublish Facebook Page from your account?

You can change the Facebook Page Visibility or unpublish Facebook page from your account easily by tweaking the Facebook page privacy settings.

  1. Go to your Facebook News Feed.
  2. Choose Pages in the left menu of your Facebook News Feed.
  3. Select your page.
  4. Go to Page Settings under Manage Page.
  5. Click Page Visibility under the General section.
  6. Hit Page Unpublished button.
  7. Save the changes by sharing your reason/s for deleting the page.
  8. Choose Next and then, hit the Unpublish button.

If there’s no point in keeping your business page active on Facebook, removing it from your account may seem reasonable. Here’s the unpublish Facebook page trick you should follow!

Open your account and go to your Facebook News Feed.

Diet Nutrition Page
Diet Nutrition Page

Select your Page from the Facebook Pages.

Facebook Page Settings
Facebook Page Settings

Click Page Settings in the bottom left.

Then, under General section, choose the Page Visibility option. Click to edit it.

Page Visibility
Page Visibility

Look for Page unpublished option. When found, select it.

Unpublish Page
Unpublish Page

Save the changes and add reason/s for unpublishing this Page.

When done, hit the Next button and then, choose Unpublish option.

Page Unpublished Notification
Page Unpublished Notification

Your page will be unpublished.

If I unpublish my Facebook page will I lose likes?

Yes. When you unpublish a Page you invariably hide it from the public, including the people who like your Page. So, your Page and likes won’t be visible to the public until it’s published again.

How to recover unpublished Facebook page 2020?

It’s easy! Simply check the Page Published option again under Page visibility settings and hit the Save Changes button.

That’s all there is to it!

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