Use this trick to unlock Mac with Apple Watch

August 1, 2020

You can enable the smartwatch to approve password requests for viewing passwords in Safari browser preferences on Macbook, unlock a locked note, or allow an app installation. The process is really simple and takes not more than a few minutes. Here's how you can unlock Mac with Apple Watch.

How to unlock Mac with Apple Watch?

Unlock Macbook
Unlock Macbook

when you unlock Mac with Apple Watch, it will show a message saying that your Mac has been unlocked. You might need to double press the side button on your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac. See how it's done!

  1. Open your Mac
  2. Choose Apple menu
  3. Go to System Preferences.
  4. Select Security & Privacy.
  5. Click General.
  6. Select checkbox marked against Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac option.
  7. When your Mac prompts you to approve with Apple Watch or Touch ID, double-click the side button on your Apple Watch.

Your Mac can easily sense when you’re wearing your Apple Watch and present nearby. It, then automatically log you in. So, you can use Apple Watch to unlock Mac or approve other requests for your administrator password.


Unlock MacBook with Apple Watch

Open your Mac.

System Preferences Menu
System Preferences Menu

On the Menu bar, locate the Apple menu (visible as half-bitten apple) and select it.

Choose System preferences from the list of options displayed.

Security Privacy Menu
Security Privacy Menu

Next, select Security & Privacy.

Then, switch to the General tab.

Mac Security Privacy Window
Mac Security Privacy Window

Once done, check the box marked against Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac.

Now, when you’re nearby Mac and have your Apple Watch tied to your wrist, simply double-click the side button to approve the password request and enter your administrator password. If necessary, move your watch a little closer.

Note - The first time you must log in by entering your password manually. Thereafter, Apple Watch logs in for you.

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Source - Apple.


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