Turn off undo typing iPhone prompt

July 28, 2020

Although a large majority of people rely on iPhone and iPad for completing their daily tasks, many of them still appear unaware of dealing with something as basic as disabling an ‘undo typing’ message. They simply press the ‘Cancel’ button whenever it shows up on the screen. However, with little effort, this issue can be permanently disabled. Read further to know how to turn off undo typing iPhone prompt.

Undo typing iPhone
Undo typing iPhone
Undo Typing iPhone iPad

How to turn off undo typing iPhone prompt?

Undo typing iPhone prompt is mainly seen due to a gesture-triggered feature known as ‘Shake To Undo’. So, if you have this feature enabled and carry your phone in a pocket, every time, you pull it out, it may ask you to ‘Undo Typing’. Get rid of it by following the instructions below!

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose Accessibility.
  3. Tap Touch under Physical and Motor settings.
  4. Look for Shake to Undo option
  5. Slide to the toggle to Off position

when you don’t intend to use this feature, disable it!

How to undo typing on iPhone?

First, launch the 'Settings' app by tapping on the gear icon, visible on Home Screen.

iPhone Accessibility Setting
iPhone Accessibility Setting

Next, under Settings, locate the 'Accessibility' option. When found, tap the option.

Touch Accessibility iPhone

When directed to a new screen, tap 'Touch'.

Now, under the 'Touch Settings' screen, scroll down until you see a switch labeled 'Shake To Undo'.

Shake to undo prompt
Shake to undo prompt

When seen, tap the slider to move it to off position.


Hereafter, whenever you shake your iPhone or iPad while typing (knowingly or unknowingly), you won’t see an 'Undo Typing' popup.

An alternative to this, iOS versions like iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 have added 2 new ways to undo typing on iPhone and iPad, without shaking your device.

  • Tap to Undo gesture - Double-tap 3 fingers on the screen to undo typing.
  • Swipe to Undo gesture - Swipe left with three fingers on the screen to undo typing.

Check if the feature works for you. Also, read our earlier post, use the Noise app to measure noise levels with Apple Watch.


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