Troubleshoot Google Meet not working issue

May 20, 2020

Google Meet, in addition to providing robust video conferencing service, offers counter-abuse measures like anti-hijacking to help protect your data and privacy. This makes the service quite secure and safe for use. So, once you have set up your network and started using Google Meet, you can hold group video calls with up to 100 people. That said, if you are a computer is old or low-powered, or if you are currently on a poorly performing network, you can experience certain issues with the service that might interfere with video calling. Use this post as a troubleshooting guide, if you find Google Meet not working.

How to troubleshoot Google Meet not working problem

Issues related to the Google Meet application can arise due to Microphone, Screen Share, Camera, Video, or Sound problems. If you find Google Meet not working as desired, try these tips and see if your problem is fixed.

  1. Select the Meet option from the Gmail side panel.
  2. Choose the New Meeting option.
  3. Go to the Site settings.
  4. Under Permissions section enable the Camera.
  5. Similarly, enable the Microphone.
  6. Try rejoining the meeting.

Both the enterprise-grade video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, Skype, and Google Meet allows users to hold group video calls with up to 100 people. However, Zoom continues to grapple with some security issues. As a result, Google Meet has managed to widen its user base quickly.


Why is my Google Meet not working?

Launch Gmail App and select the Meet option under the side panel.

Google Meet Meeting
Google Meet Meeting

Choose the New Meeting option.

Chrome Site Settings
Chrome Site Settings

When directed to a new page, click the View Site Information, visible as a lock icon inside the address bar. Select the Site settings option.

This will open Google Chrome Site settings.

Google Meet Allow Camera
Google Meet Allow Camera

Switch to the Permissions section on the right. Locate the Camera entry. Hit the drop-down menu adjacent to the entry and make sure the Allow option is selected.


Try rejoining the meeting.

Similarly, check if the Microphone is enabled. If not, you can experience audio issues when the meeting is in session.

Also, there are other things, you would need to keep in check. For example,

  • Check if your computer’s camera is connected, enabled, and pointing towards you unobstructed.
  • Check if your camera functions are working as desired in another app like the FaceTime Camera HD.
  • Close any other application that might be using the camera, then reload Google Meet.

Google Meet recording not showing up

It is important to note here that Google Meet recording is only available for the computer version. Also, you can’t record if the meeting was generated via process, such as a Chrome plug-in.

Hope it makes sense!


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