Switching to the Bold font in Apple Watch makes text easier to read

November 30, 2021

Like iPhone or iPad, Apple Watch packs many features. Plus, there’s an array of settings you can tweak or customize to make it work, the way you like. For example, if the texts on your smartwatch’s screen appear merely as glyphs or are too small to read you can make them bold. Follow the instructions in the post to switch to the bold font in Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Font

How to switch to the Bold font in Apple Watch?

If you are experiencing any trouble seeing the text and screens on your watch, the viable option would be to enable the bold font in Apple Watch. Here’s how it’s done!

  1. Unlock your Apple Watch.
  2. Press the Digital Crown.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Choose Display & Brightness.
  5. Scroll down to Bold text option.
  6. Toggle the switch to On position.

The bright 40mm and 44mm size OLED screens on Apple Watch are designed to display text as clearly as possible. Still, you change the text size and other settings to make it easier to interact with items on the screen. There are two ways to adjust/ change text size on Apple Watch. First, using Apple Watch Settings app and second, Apple Watch on iPhone.

How do you make font bold on Apple Watch?

Unlock your Apple Watch by entering the passcode.

Press the Digital Crown to display apps.

Watch Setting
Watch Setting

Go to the Settings app.

Apple Watch Display
Apple Watch Display

Scroll down to the Display & Brightness settings.

Bold Font in Apple Watch
Bold Font in Apple Watch

Under it, locate the Bold Text option. When found toggle the switch next to it to the On position to make the apple watch font appear as bold.


Alternatively, you can do the same via Watch app on iPhone.

Display Brightness
Display Brightness

Launch the Watch app on iPhone and choose Display & Brightness heading.

Bold Font Watch App
Bold Font Watch App

When directed to a new screen, Toggle the Bold Text switch to the On position.

Close the app and exit.

Once you have the bold font enabled, the entries for the menu items and any written text in your Watch Face Complications will be displayed in bold, making it easier to read without having to strain your eyes.

Hope that makes sense!

Source - Apple.


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