Switch AirPods pro noise control modes and adjust their settings

February 24, 2020

Apple wireless earphones support three noise-cancellation modes including, Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, Off. We had also highlighted their significance but missed to cover an important part - switching between AirPods pro noise control modes and configure its settings! This post covers the missing part.

Noise-control modes

How to switch AirPods Pro noise control modes and adjust their settings

You can easily switch AirPods Pro noise control modes and manage AirPods Pro volume control by customizing force sensor controls, hidden inside the stem of your left or right AirPod. For this,

  1. Unlock iPhone.
  2. Go to Settings.Choose your AirPods Pro.
  3. Scroll down to Press and Hold section.
  4. Tap left or right.
  5. Select Noise Control.
  6. Press and hold to select noise control mode.

Let's cover the process in a bit of detail!

Unlock your iPhone and go to the settings screen for your AirPods Pro.

Noise Control Modes AirPods
Noise Control Modes AirPods

Here, under ‘Press and Hold AirPods’, tap ‘Left’ or ‘Right’, then make sure that ‘Noise Control’ is selected.

Noise Control Enabled
Noise Control Enabled

Select the noise control modes that you would like to use with press and hold (Note – You can select all 3).

If both AirPods (left and right) are set to change noise control modes, a change to the ‘Press-and-hold action’ settings for one AirPod will automatically apply to the next in the pair.

If needed, you can also set the press-and-hold action to allow you to use Siri. To configure this setting, go back to the AirPods Pro settings screen, tap Left or Right, then select Siri. Now, you will have one AirPod configured for Siri and the other set to change noise control modes.

Force Sensor AirPods Pro
Force Sensor AirPods Pro

In addition to managing noise control modes, the Force Sensors allow switching between music and calls as well as transparency mode.

The main advantage of wearable devices like AirPods Pro is that they offer a hands-free way to adjust the noise-control settings. You can also adjust settings via Control Center. Simply access the Center, touch, and hold the volume slider until the noise-control options appear.

How to tell if noise cancelling is working Airpods Pro?

When you have the ‌AirPods Pro‌ plugged in and connected to your iPhone, simply open up Control Center and long pressing on the volume indicator. Check if you have the Active Noise Cancellation enabled.

Airpods Pro noise cancelling not working?

Active Noise Cancellation mode can be affected if debris or earwax builds up in the mesh area. Wipe it clean using a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Take care not to use any sharp objects or abrasive materials to clean the earphones.

Source - Apple.com


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