Use this hack to play Edge Surf Game in Microsoft Edge browser

May 28, 2020

Are you tired of playing T-Rex dinosaur game, that's only accessible when you get disconnected from the Internet? Try Microsoft’s new Edge Surf Game. It works both, offline and online. So, if you would like to experience some realism online, here’s how to get started!

How to start playing Edge Surf Game

Although Surfing as a sport is quite popular in the real world, it lacks the same appeal in the video game market. As such, there hasn't been a fantastic surfing game till now. Still, some decent efforts made over the months have enabled Microsoft to come with its latest offering - Edge Surf Game.

  1. Launch Edge browser.
  2. Type edge://surf into Edge’s address bar and press Enter.
  3. Allow the game to load.
  4. Choose a character.
  5. Press the Space bar to start the game.
  6. Use the arrow keys to navigate and control.

How do you play Edge surf?

Edge Surf Flag
Edge Surf Flag

To switch to the Edge Surf gameplay online, simply type edge://surf into Edge’s address bar and press Enter. If you’re running the most recent version of Edge i.e., Edge browser Version 83.0.478.37, the game will load immediately.


You’ll see a screen listing different characters. Use the side-arrow keys (left and right arrow keys) to select the desired character.

Once done, hit the space bar to start playing.

Use the arrow keys to navigate and control your character.

  • The left key turns you to left
  • The right key helps you move to the right
  • The up key stops the surfer
  • The down key resumes surfing

The ‘F’ key when pressed, will speed boost power-up (visible as green lightning bolts).

Navigate Surf
Navigate Surf

The goal is to score as much as you can by traveling maximum distance without crashing. The game measures how far you’ve traveled in your current run and displays figures related to the same at the top of the window. You start your race with three hearts. With every crash, you lose a heart. After you lose all your hearts, the game ends.


You can also choose to control the game with a mouse or touchpad, too.

Finally, the game includes other helpful accessibility features. There’s a,

Edge Surf Game
Edge Surf Game
  • High visibility mode - Makes obstacles easier to see.
  • Reduced speed mode - Slows down the surfing speed.

In addition, if you would like to seek some help in playing the game, simply click the ‘How to play’ link under the Menu (visible as 3 horizontal bars) to see the control buttons for keyboard, mouse, touchpad or other devices like Xbox wireless controllers.

How do you get the Ninja Cat on Edge surf?

After you choose a character and want to switch to the ninja cat character, use this hack.

  • First press the up arrow key on the keyboard 2 times.
  • Hit the down arrow key 2 times.
  • Press the left arrow key once, followed by the right arrow key once.
  • Hit the left arrow key and then the right arrow key.
  • Press the letter B on your keyboard and then press the A key on your keyboard. 

All these keys must be pressed in quick succession to get the desired result. We thank A.User for this handy tip.

Hope it makes sense!


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