How to spend less time on Instagram

August 11, 2020

Mental health experts suggest, if the time spent on Social networking sites is intentional then, it should be positive and inspiring in some sense. However, a large majority of users mostly keep scrolling through their posts and images aimlessly just to kill the boredom. If continued over long periods of time, this behavior can be unhealthy. So, taking deliberate steps to keep this in check can not only improve your health but overall productivity as well. Read to find how to spend less time on Instagram and focus attention on other important tasks.

Limit Time on Instagram

How to manage and spend less time on Instagram?

Instagram can be highly addictive, especially when you are not bothered to check the average time spent on the site. You should make a conscious effort to spend less time on Instagram. To that end, if you feel like you're spending too much time, here’s how to check activity on Instagram and control it!

  1. Launch the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the Profile icon.
  3. Choose Menu.
  4. Select Your Activity option.
  5. Switch to the Time tab.
  6. Tap Set daily reminder.
  7. Configure the time limit.

Let's cover the above steps in a bit more detail!

How to set a time limit on Instagram?

Go to your profile. The icon is visible at the bottom of the app screen.

Tap Menu, seen as 3 horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the app.

Your Activity Instagram Setting
Your Activity Instagram Setting

Under the menu options, choose Your activity heading.

Time Tab Instagram
Time Tab Instagram

When directed to a new screen, switch to the Time tab.

Set Daily Reminder Option
Set Daily Reminder Option

Here, you'll see the average time you've spent each day on Instagram. Time spent on Instagram starts when you open the app, and ends when you close it or switch to using another app on your device. Now, to set a reminder to limit the amount of time on Instagram, tap the Set daily reminder heading.

Set Reminder Tab
Set Reminder Tab

Input the value in hours and minutes. When done, hit the Set Reminder button to configure the time limit on Instagram. Once you exceed this limit, Instagram will send you a reminder, instantly.

Why can't I see time spent on Instagram?

It’s likely you are running an older version of the app. So, update the app to its latest version.

Hope that helps!

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