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February 23, 2020

Your AirPods shouldn’t just sound better than any other wireless devices but also fit right. Apple makes sure that the earbuds are designed to fit right into your ear canal, rather than just sit in space outside your ears. The users even have the choice to identify which AirPods Pro ear tips suit them best.

How to select or choose your best AirPods Pro ear tips?

You can select your AirPods Pro ear tips either by choosing the size that fits you correctly or by conducting an AirPods Pro fit test. The Cupertino-giant has added this handy feature to help you find the right size for you.

1] Choosing the right size

Your Apple earphones are shipped with three rubber earbud tips of different sizes including,

airpods pro ear tips
AirPods Pro Ear Tips
  • Small silicone ear tips
  • Medium silicone ear tips
  • Large silicone ear tips

The medium size comes already fitted into AirPods while small and large sizes come bundled inside the box that your AirPods Pro comes with, under the tray, nestled inside the charging cable.

When you select the desired size, make sure it sits comfortably and securely. Also, see to it that the tip makes a good seal with your ear canal to offer rich bass sound, unmatchable sound quality, and superior noise cancellation.

2] Airpods Pro fit test

With your AirPods, Pro plugged in your ears, unlock your iPhone, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Bluetooth’.

Tap the info button, just adjacent to your AirPods in the list of devices.

ear tip fit test
Ear Tip Fit Test

Tap ‘Ear Tip Fit Test’.


choose ‘Continue’, then hit the ‘Play’ button.

If the test suggests making some modifications like adjusting or trying a different AirPod Pro earbud tips, try adjusting your AirPods Pro and test it again. Then try a different size. It’s quite possible that you might also need different sizes for your left and right ears.

AirPods Pro ear tip fit test not working?

Instead of hitting the Play button as described above in the Ear Tip Fit Test, scroll up the page. You should see another Play button to press. Hit the button and your problem should be solved.

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