How to setup Apple Watch Handwashing feature

November 11, 2020

Apple watchOS 7 added new capabilities like native sleep tracking and blood oxygen level estimation for its users. However, one that received less attention was the Apple Watch Handwashing detection feature. The addition of it was particularly meant to encourage the practice of proper handwashing and minimize the risk of infections spread by touch. This feature hasn’t been covered by us yet. This makes it our topic of discussion, today!

Apple Watch Handwashing

How to use Apple Watch Handwashing feature?

The concept behind the Apple Watch Handwashing detection feature is straightforward. A stopwatch gets triggered as soon as a user begins to wash his hands, counting down from 20 seconds. Upon completing the exercise successfully, the watch shows a thumbs-up mark!

  1. Unlock your watch’s screen.
  2. Go to the Settings app.
  3. Scroll down to Handwashing.
  4. Enable the Handwashing Timer.
  5. To receive Handwashing notifications, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  6. Go to My Watch.
  7. Tap Handwashing.
  8. Turn on Handwashing Reminders.

Can you wash your hands with Apple Watch Series 3?

Currently, the above-mentioned feature is only available on Series 4 or higher Apple Watch models.

How to enable Hand Washing on Apple Watch?

Ensure iPhone is on the latest version of iOS and your Apple Watch is on the latest version of watchOS.

Unlock your Apple Watch Screen.

Tap Settings.

Handwashing Settings
Handwashing Settings

Scroll down to locate the Handwashing option. when found, select it.

Handwash Timer
Handwash Timer

Now, simply toggle the switch for Handwashing Timer to the On position. This will enable the Apple Watch Handwashing detection feature.

Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer

Your Apple Watch will automatically detect when you begin washing and start a 20-second timer.

Handwashing timer Apple Watch not showing?

Make sure to keep washing your hands continuously. Second, check if the Microphone is on as Handwashing uses the microphone to recognize the sound of tap water.

Press the Digital Crown and choose the Settings icon from the bubble of apps.

Locate the Privacy option. When found, tap it, go to Microphone and enable the toggle for Measure Sounds.

Apple Watch hand washing not working?

Check if you have allowed the Watch to receive handwashing reminders, first set a home address in your My Card seen under the Contacts app on iPhone. Then, on your iPhone,

Reminders Handwashing
Reminders Handwashing

Go to Apple Watch app > My Watch > Handwashing > Handwashing Reminders.

Finally, if you would like to see a report of your average handwashing times, open the Health app on your iPhone and go to Browse.

Then, switch to Other Data and select, Handwashing.

Apple Watch not detecting hand washing.

Your Smartwatch is equipped with sound and motion sensors. So, if it no longer hears running water or detects the motion of your hand, the countdown timer may not respond. Wash your hands more thoroughly or move your hands closer to the tap.

That’s all there is to it!

source - Apple.


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