The Amazon Echo Show 8 enables you to use your voice for viewing photos and controlling slideshows on the device. If you’re tired of looking at the same old and dull images as wallpaper, replace them with your favorite photo album. In this tutorial, we will help you change the settings and set preferences for an Echo Show Photo Slideshow.

How to enable desired preferences for an Echo Show Photo Slideshow

Activating an Echo Show Photo Slideshow only takes a few minutes to set up. We have already highlighted the process to set your Facebook photos as the background in Echo Show. Now, we’ll see the process to configure Alexa Preferences for running the slideshow. Here’s how!

How to set Alexa Preferences for an Echo Show Photo Slideshow

  1. Access the Settings option.
  2. Choose Alexa Preferences.
  3. Go to Photos
  4. Tap Photos Slideshow.
  5. Set the desired preferences for Display and Speed.

Let’s see the steps in a bit of detail!

Echo Show Settings
Echo Show Settings

Swipe down from the top of the screen and select Settings.

Alexa Preferences
Alexa Preferences

Scroll down to Alexa Preferences under Settings window.

Alexa Preferences Options

Choose Photos option. It visible below the Calendar option.

Photos Slideshow Option
Photos Slideshow Option

Next, tap Photos Slideshow to set slideshow preferences. By default, there are only 2 preferences that can be changed or modified. These include,

Display – options available for this preference are

  • No cropping
  • Smart Cropping
  • Cropping all

Speed – Its values let you change Echo Show background slideshow speed.

  • Slow 10 seconds
  • Medium 6 seconds
  • Fast 2 seconds.
Shuffle Photos Icon
Shuffle Photos Icon

After configuring the desired preferences, exit, and enjoy your Amazon photo slideshow. For convenience, there’s an Echo show shuffle photos icon to cycle through many different photo arrangements. It can be made visible by gently tapping on the screen. It lets you shuffle your photos in the slideshow.