How to record FaceTime calls using a MacBook

September 26, 2021

At a given time, you can make a FaceTime call to more than one person. Most importantly, you can record some of these calls for your reference later. There’s not much you need to do. Just a few steps and boom, you’re ready to record a FaceTime call without installing any third-party software or apps.

FaceTime App Mac

How to record FaceTime call?

Before you start with your FaceTime call recording, make sure you’ve set up the app to  make and receive calls. This makes it easier to attend the calls without reaching for your iPhone.

  1. On your MacBook, launch QuickTime player.
  2. Right-click its icon in the Dock to display options.
  3. Choose New Screen Recording.
  4. Hit the Record Button.
  5. A small Record icon should become visible on top.
  6. Select a contact from the FaceTime app.
  7. Call the person.
  8. Hit the Record button and continue your conversation.
  9. End your FaceTime call.
  10. Hit the Record button to stop the recording and play it.
  11. Select a Save location.

Can you record a FaceTime call?

It’s a mistaken belief, there’s no native option to record video calls in the FaceTime app on Mac. The Apple device certainly offers a way to record FaceTime call with audio. Bear in mind, you should first seek the consent of the person to record the call. Don’t invite any unnecessary trouble.

How to record a FaceTime call with audio?

In addition to iPhone and Mac, Apple’s built-in video and voice-calling app – FaceTime, works with Android and Windows devices too.

For recording a FaceTime call, on your MacBook, launch the QuickTime Player app.

New Screen Recording
New Screen Recording

Right-click its icon on the Dock and choose New Screen Recording.

QuickTime Player Menu bar
QuickTime Player Menu bar

A menu bar (including the Recording button)  will become visible at the bottom of your Desktop Screen.

FaceTime call Log
FaceTime call Log

Meanwhile, open the Facetime app on your MacBook and select a contact from the FaceTime call log. If it's a group call, you’ll surely benefit from the bigger screen.


Inform the person about your recording and seek his consent.

FaceTime Call Screen
FaceTime Call Screen

If approved, hit the Record button to begin recording the FaceTime call screen. A small Recording icon should appear in the upper-right corner of your Desktop screen. It indicates the session has begun.

Once the conversation is over and you end the call, tap the Record button again to stop the recording.

FaceTime Call Snippet
FaceTime Call Snippet

Play the Recording by hitting the Play button.

Choose a suitable location to save the file.

That’s how you can record facetime calls using a MacBook.

Hope it makes sense!


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