How to play Facebook Instant Games without installing new apps

June 29, 2020

Gaming has become a popular pastime. Interestingly, social networking sites like Facebook allow their users to play a bunch of games either through the Facebook mobile app or through a browser. If you are not aware of this feature, don’t worry! We’ll show you how to play Facebook Instant Games. You don’t need to pay a dime for it!

How do you play Facebook Instant Games on Facebook?

Instant games on Facebook mark a new HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience. It allows Facebook users to easily discover, share, and play games without having to install new apps. Earlier, the Facebook Instant Games service was available in the Facebook Messenger app. However, to make the app faster, lighter, and simpler, the company decided to migrate Instant Game-play sessions from Messenger to Facebook and the Facebook Gaming tab.

  1. Launch your Facebook Mobile app.
  2. Click Menu and scroll down to Gaming tile.
  3. Click the See all games link.
  4. Switch to the Play tab.
  5. Select a game to play.
  6. Allow the game to load.
  7. Start playing.
  8. Share your achievements or invite a friend to play the game.

In recent years, the presence of Instant Games on Facebook has grown strongly and the company is continuously working to create a rich gaming experience within the social-networking app.

Facebook Instant Game tutorial

Launch your iOS Facebook Mobile app.

Click on ‘Menu’ (visible as 3 horizontal bars).

Gaming Tab
Gaming Tab

Scroll down to the ‘Gaming’ tab and tap to open it.

Play Tab
Play Tab

When directed to a new screen, switch to the Play tab to display the Facebook instant games list. You can find games like Ludo Club, Jumpy Jumpy, Bubble Shooter, Cricket FRVR, Chop Chop, Ludo World, Bounce Bounce, and many more.

Select the game you would like to play.


Allow the game to load. Wait for few seconds.

Play Game
Play Game

Start playing the game.

If you would like to share the progress of your game with any of your Facebook friends, tap the ‘Share’ button else, skip.

Can you play Facebook Instant Game with your Facebook friends?

Yes! You can choose to play ‘solo’ or ‘play with a friend’. Simply hit the PLAY with Friend button and start playing online.

How do I get rid of instant games on Facebook?

Click the drop-down menu from your Facebook account (Desktop).

Scroll down to the Settings & Privacy section.

Tap Settings.

Instant Games Entry
Instant Games Entry

Thereafter, move to the Security login section, and under its heading, choose Instant Games.

Remove Instant Games
Remove Instant Games

Choose games you want to be removed. Hit the Remove button when done.

Kindly note - Expired and removed apps may still have access to information that was previously shared with them but can't receive additional non-public information.

That’s all there to it!

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