How to pin your favorite comments in the Instagram app

While communicating online, you can choose to transform any simple conversation into an elaborate discussion through its comments section. It is a sure-fire way to boost reader engagement and better manage a conversation when a topic ventures into a place that is uncomfortable. Learning from this experience, Instagram has come up with a new feature that allows users to pin Instagram comments to their posts. Let’s see how to pin your favorite comments in the Instagram app.

As you may know, the comments section is sorted by algorithm, meaning some comments may get lost during the conversation. Through pin your favorite comments capability, you can bring them back in focus.

Pin your favorite comments on the Instagram app

With the new feature active and running, you can selectively pick up reactions that are favorite, funny, or negative and highlight them for your Instagram posts. The Facebook-owned company had tested the feature earlier, but has begun rolling out globally, now! Our guide will show you how to pin your favorite comments on the Instagram app.

  1. Launch Instagram App for iOS.
  2. Load a post with comments
  3. Select the desired comments
  4. Choose the pin icon to pin your favorite comments.
  5. Pin comments

To try out the new feature for yourself, make sure you’ve updated your Instagram app to the latest version.

Launch your Instagram app.

Now load a post with comments.

Swipe left to make the Pin icon visible (it looks like a corkboard pin).

When seen, tap the icon. You’ll get a prompt with ‘Pin comment’ link highlighted in blue.

Hit the link to Pin the comment. You can pin up to three comments.

When done, the pinned comments will be displayed at the top of the comments section, enabling you to influence the conversation or manage it in the desired way. Note that the person whose comment you pinned will receive a notification letting him know you did it.

Try the new feature today and share your thoughts and ideas with a large audience!

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