How to mute words on Twitter Timeline

June 2, 2020

Sometimes, our Twitter Timeline displays content we would like to hide from the public view. For this reason and many others, the micro-blogging site makes it easy to remove names or tags you would like to hide from your Timeline. Here’s a short tutorial to guide you about how to mute words on Twitter or hashtags from your Twitter Timeline and avoid potential spoilers.

How to mute words on Twitter mobile app

Every social networking site has its fair share of downsides or shortcomings but that doesn’t mean you have to continuously bear with it. In addition to muting conversations or other accounts on Twitter, you can also mute a specific word. Here’s how to mute words on Twitter!

  1. Go to Notification (bell-shaped icon).
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Tap Muted, then Tap Muted words.
  4. Tap Add.
  5. Enter the word you’d like to mute.
  6. Enable this in the Home timeline or Notifications, or both.
  7. Configure other options.

Notifications for muted words and hashtags are applicable to replies and mentions. You can mute words on twitter mobile or Twitter Timeline via the following.


Launch your mobile Twitter app for iOS.

Go to your ‘Notifications’ tab (visible as a small bell-shaped icon).

Twitter Notifications
Twitter Notifications

Tap the ‘Settings’ (gear icon).

Twitter Muted Option
Twitter Muted Option

Here, select ‘Muted’ option and then, then choose ‘Muted words’.

Hit the ‘Add’ button visible at the bottom of the screen.


Enter the word or hashtag you’d like to mute. Note – only one entry can be added at a time.

Twitter Mute from Option
Twitter Mute from Option

Next, select whether you would like to enable this option in ‘Home timeline’ or ‘Notifications’, or both.

Select whether this is ‘From anyone’ or ‘From people you don’t follow’ (for enabled notifications only).

Select the time duration between Forever, 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.

Tap ‘Save’.

Tap ‘Done’ to exit.

Hereafter, twitter muted words will stop appearing on your Twitter Timeline.

For more information visit Twitter. Also read our earlier tutorial - How to see trends for specific location from your Twitter account.


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